Plymouth Sound


The Mount Batten peninsula provides good access to the open waters of Plymouth sound, this spot can provide good bump and jump or flat water sailing. Although with a very rocky launch and that you need to be able to return the exact spot from which you launched restricts this location to independent sailors only.





Suitable windsurfing Levels



Intermediate non-planning windsurfers (light winds only)


Intermediate (Planning)


Advanced windsurfers




Ideal wind direction


To make the most of this location any wind with W in it makes it sailable the sailing area is most accessible in a W and a NW. Best conditions: Westerly winds provide a easier cross shore launch and good bump and jump conditions, especially if there is a residue swell making it pass the breakwater. A convenient local spot if you are short on time and need to get out if blowing 25-30+ knots. NW often provides good flat water blasting allowing you to cruise the sound on large kit. 

The conditions when this location should be avoided: Northerly through to SE, this is because of the wind shadow created by Jenny Cliff and the winds making the winds very gusty and it very difficult to return to the beach.


Local hazards

The main hazard are other water users and commercial shipping using Plymouth Sound. For further information on the Port of Plymouth Harbour Regulations please consult the QHM website and down load the Plymouth Dockyard Port Order 1999. 

Rigging area and launch access

You can either rig on the pebble beach accessed by steps found towards the roundabout, or most prefer to rig on the grass next to the road and carry their kit down onto the beach. There is limited free parking on the road beside the rigging spot.  The Mount Batten Centre is situated opposite the launch site. It has changing and toilet / shower facilities available all year round, £3 day membership. Val's Cafe is across the road from the launch site, which provides everything a hungry windsurfer could require when it is open. Also has toilet facilities. Otherwise there are public toilets approx 400m away just past the Mount Batten Hotel.

MBC provides a cafe / bar facility Easter / October. Otherwise there are a number of other food providers on the peninsula to suit all budgets. Motor homes / campervans are welcome to stay in the MBC main car park; a limited number of electric hook ups are available. Nearest shop and cash point is in the Mini Market in Hooe, just over first hill on the road, which takes you away from the peninsula. Driving access and car parking: Free council car parks on the south side of the peninsula, MBC charge £5 day parking including day membership to the facility.


Nearest windsurfing shop

Reactive Water sports  -  T: 01752 403300




Plymouth Sound