A new club 'Windsurf Plymouth has been formed for sailors who live/sail at the locations in and around the Plymouth Area.  The initiative offers a virtual clubhouse via the use of this website.



The aim behind the club is to encourage windsurfers to take to the water more often by promoting events which will increase participation. 


This site provides the opportunity for local sailors to post, via the forum when and where they will be sailing and ask others if they will be around at a similar time; perfect for arranging a mid-week session for those who are off work and wouldn't normally have others to sail with.  We also hope to attract those windsurfers who have kit in the garage, but who haven't used it for a while due to not wanting to sail alone, but at the same time not knowing other local windsurfers. Tim Cross, club coordinator comments: "The most common feedback from our survey, where individuals were asked why they windsurfed was - 'the social; getting to sail with friends and meeting other like-minded people.'  This website aims to become the focal point for windsurfers in the Plymouth area, to arrange regular sailing sessions amongst themselves and more importantly, to help decide the best location to sail at for a given forecast."


Windsurf Plymouth aims to appeal to all levels of sailor by:


  • Acting as a sign-post, providing location and forecast advice so that windsurfers can maximise on the area's fabulous locations. 

  • Providing advice to beginners as to where they can regularly get afloat, in a social and safe environment.